Posted on Dec 12, 2018

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Asbestos Removal Questions & Answers
We frequently get a lots of questions to do with asbestos so we put together a pretty large list of typical Questions and Answers. Feel free to call us if you still have questions!

What’s asbestos removal?
Definition: Asbestos removal is a process by which the contractor takes out the roof sheets, ceiling boards, insulation, gaskets and other asbestos containing materials and structures from the place of installation.
Methods: The OSHA regulations for the removal of ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials with concentration higher than 1%) specify the safety work practices. The basic methods include the use of safety gadgets, surface wetting devices, enclosure, work area isolation, and application of dust proof power tools.
Equipment: The safety gadgets include synthetic protective clothing (head, body and foot cover and gloves), respirators, pressure sprayer (water), HEPA vacuum cleaners, steam blowers, power tools and covered bins.
Preparation: The first step in asbestos removal is to ensure worker safety. Wearing of synthetic protective clothing ensures prevention of ACM penetration. Exposure to asbestos concentration should be limited to less than 0.1FPC/8 hours work schedule. Surface wetting with pressure sprayer (water + wetting agent) prepares the work area. Using HEPA vacuum cleaners can eliminate the dust to the maximum extent.
Initiation: Using safety enclosure to isolate the work area helps in containing
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