Posted on Jul 29, 2019

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Asbestos removal Calgary Alberta
If your house has been built back in the 1980s or the 1990s, then you look out for asbestos,
because most of the construction materials back then used asbestos.
 Ordinary vinyl floor tiles or asphalt-based floor tiles or twelve inches thick floor tiles are
ones contaminated with asbestos.
 Old cement pipes are most likely to contain hazardous materials including asbestos,
especially if they are old.
 As asbestos is a non-combustible material, it was put to use in electrical wirings to make
it secure, reduce electrical faults. If worn out wires are found, which may have been
installed around the 1980s, chances are that it will contain asbestos.
 Asbestos was used in walls to make it stronger, fire-proof and to retain moisture.
Therefore, old walls from which paints are scraping off or releasing dusty particles, it
contains asbestos.

What to do?
RGR Abatements is your one stop for all of your asbestos removal and treatment needs, serving the Calgary, AB area. We specialize in different services, which includes things like asbestos removal and testing, mold removal and even full restoration from any flood damage that you may have! We are insured, licensed, certified and bonded, so you know the job will always get done the right way and the first time! RGR Abatements will always have you covered with quality customer service
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