Posted on Sep 18, 2019

RGR Abatements

How safe is Calgary asbestos
Asbestos removal Calgary is considered to be safe as long as the asbestos removal contractor in Calgary and the workers follow the standard safety procedures and work within the limitations of the guidelines. The key issues to be addressed by the contractor are related to the prevention of health hazards, safe removal methods, air monitoring and cleaning, decontamination, waste control and disposal, and applying the controls during the removal work.
• Respiratory protection: This is the key element for worker safety and health protection. There are many types of protective devices including the half-face respirator, particulate filter, powered & ventilated respirator, full face particulate filter, full face air purifying respirator and the positive pressure airline respirator.

Other Tools: The other accessories are the shoes, hand gloves, face protection mask (glass or strengthened transparent fiber) and the related parts. The contractor shall ensure conformance of these parts to the ISO-EN standards. T

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