Posted on Mar 4, 2019

RGR Abatements

----- Why you need to Asbestos testing -----
Asbestos dust can be in the form of white, brown or blue depending on its location. White or chrysotile form is used extensively in roofs, pipes, ducts, boilers, walls, and electrical installations. Blue or crocidolite asbestos is used in paints, spray coating, flooring, wood polishes etc. Brown or amosite asbestos is used extensively in concrete construction parts.
Asbestos can be present in the form of dust, powder or solid blocks. When the renovators dismantle or demolish old structures, asbestos spreads into the air in the form of particulates. The dimension of each particulate varies from micron level to macro level. The renovators may use vacuum, negative pressure and other techniques to remove the macro level asbestos. But micron size asbestos can remain floating in the interior air for many months. They can also settle on interior walls, ceiling; floor and even on furniture and fixture. It is highly difficult to detect them using conventional methods being used so far.
Exposure to asbestos can cause various forms of allergies, infections and irritations, which can lead to diseases and disorders. Skin, lungs, eyes and ears, scalp and hair, and other connecting internal organs can get affected. Symptoms may start with skin allergy and difficulty in breathing. It can lead to asthma, lung cancer and other critical or chronic diseases.
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